Is there an inexpensive ac-capable device to use OpenWrt as a wireless access bridge?

I just upgraded my main WAP to a device that's ac-capable, but since it turns out that no other devices in my setup are currently ac-capable, it seems like a good place to move traffic from two desktops that I want to connect wirelessly (the other option being a switch and 25 or so feet of cable).

What's a good, inexpensive ac-capable device that I can use OpenWrt on to setup a WDS bridge?

Apologies if I'm mixing any terminology wrong, I know just enough networking to really get myself into trouble most of the time... :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently I bought Wavlink WL-575A3 and use it as WDS bridge with roaming. Works perfect. Maybe it isn't so powerful but as 2x2 extender is OK - no more death zones. On promo I paid only 23$