Is there an actionable GUI for live/realtime connections?

I'm looking for some easy to read format that logs both allowed and denied connections. For example, pfSense's:

I'm aware of the connections view but it only logs allowed traffic. The log view, on the other hand, throws everything at you and with scrollbars on different places. Scroll too far back in a trackpad and you go back one page in the browser.

But, this time I powered on the firewall, I was surprised with a new look. I vaguely remember how it got there, but however it did, there must be installable views for other things too. Are there? I mean LuCI views, I know about Shorewall, from what I gather it's its own thing and I may or may not loose LuCI if I install it…or rather "if I install it correctly" because I already tried and failed. :sweat_smile: