Is there a way to make arduino a JTAG device to debrick my router?

Hi Experts,

I was wondering, If I could make my Arduino UNO R3 work as a jtag programmer for debricking routers, If that's possible, Kindly let me know how ?

I haven't tried it yet, but this comes to mind: Arduino - ArduinoISP
This unit has 2 connectors with pinout silkscreened on the bottom:
USBTiny USBtinyISP AVR ISP Programmer Bootloader For Arduino IDE Meag2560 UNO R3 With 10pin Programming Cable One|isp programmer|bootloader arduinoavr programmer - AliExpress

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Thanks for the reply, I'm really a noob at JTAGing, Cuz all my life I never went ahead of serial ports lol so it's kinda confusing for me, The only solution I found about is to add a JTAG sketch to my arduino and then I have to connect the pins to the router, but the problem and the part they are confusing me at is to step down the I/O power to 3.3V by using some resisters, even though UNO R3 has a pin for 3.3V, and then there has to be a JTAG patched software that can communicate with the board and something about playing XSVF file etc that was way above my head. also from the above guide, I couldn't tell what pins are accordance with JTAG if I set it up as ISP cuz I need TCK, TMS, TDO, TDI etc, can you guide me more lol

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I give up after loosing serial support. Here is the last JTAG link I looked at: GitHub - trinitronx/HairyDairyMaid_WRT54G_Debrick_Utility: Original source code for HairyDairyMaid's WRT54G Debrick Utility

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@murraydr44 Thanks, will update the results after trying the above two methods.
Actually I've already been through these guides, and they're confusing as hell. So I'll try to do it myself tonight, will update if had any luck.