Is there a way to know what OpenWrt my modem is using?

My modem has alot of restrictions enforced by ISP, I just found an exploit to open its telnet access and found that it was using openwrt. But I can't find my device support on openwrt, site. How will i know what openwrt it was using? I'm very curious to see the base firmware. Thanks

It's almost certain that the device is not supported officially by OpenWRT.

Most manufacturers just grab OpenWRT source-code, then apply a whole bunch of their own patches to it to make it run on whatever hardware the manufacturer has made and never send any of those patches upstream. A heavily modified version of OpenWRT is not the same thing as upstream, publicly available OpenWRT.

To find out what version of OpenWRT the manufacturer bastardized, you can quite likely just view /etc/openwrt_release.

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DISTRIB_TAINTS='no-all busybox'

That's the info. on etc/openwrt_release

Post the dmesg.

Almost all devices, even the ones not supported by Openwrt, run Openwrt, or LEDE.

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This revision (14706) is somewhere in between 19.07 (revision~=11000) and 21.02 (revision~=16000). It is not from a stable release.


This also means that your router is way behind in security patches, of course depending on the quality of "vendor" support. Given that they used a snapshot probably current when they started porting OpenWrt to their hardware and never bothered to update to a supported OpenWrt release, the chances of quality support are slim.

If at all possible, you should try to exchange that hardware with a model that is supported by 21.02. Or switch the ISP.

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I wonder if i was able to find the original openwrt version it was ported, can i just directly flash it to the firmware partition on my modem?

No, your device is not supported by OpenWrt at this point and has never been.
What the manufacturer has done, based on the chipset vendor SDK, is another topic we can't help you with.

In general adding (=developing) support for new mt7621 devices tends to be relatively easy, as the SOC is rather uniform (in comparison), but it still has to be done, at the source level, by someone (maybe you?) experienced with the hardware on their desk.


No. You'd need to extract the DTS from the running firmware, then make a custom, new target in the sources, add any missing drivers and then compile a custom image.

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If it does not need extensive programming, I'm on it. Thanks for the replies. Maybe I just build it from the source. I just need to find where to start.

You keep ignoring most of the reply. I said, you need to make a custom target. Just compiling the sources isn't enough, since there is no target for your hardware: you need to make one. You need to also find out what actual components your device uses and then check if OpenWrt even has drivers for them in the first place.


Hello all, thank you for all your reply, I was able to collect all the data from my modem. I have one question though,is it necessary to build an image based from the version installed on my modem or I can choose the latest?

If I understood, why would you wanna build the same version already installed on your device?

I'd surmise that you want to upgrade.