Is there a simple OpenWrt plugin to block games/websites

Is there a plugin for OpenWrt that is very simple for blocking sites and games?
I know I can use an adblocker plugin and specify the ips of the services I want to block but this is very advanced to some of my customers, what I want is a simple flip-of-a-switch app where the router admin can easily disable or enable a site and games using just a checkbox in the WebUI, these checkboxes could be linked to blocking list txt files that exist on the internet and updated regularly in case the game servers IP change.


adguard home, or similar.

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Adblock can do that.


AFAIK this only works in DNS mode so it can't block some games that use IPs directly to connect to the servers (pubg for example doesn't use hostnames it uses IPs)
furthermore, the blocked services tab which is exactly what I want (simple switches to turn on or off) is not expandable without rebuilding adguardhome, it would be nice if something like this is editable or at least if it can be linked to txt file to be crawled so that the IPs can be updated


How ? can you elaborate? I've installed luci-app-adblock but can't find such thing in it

if you need to ban on IP level, there's the banIP package.

Settings -> Blocklist Sources.