Is there a setsid for openwrt?


I cannot find setsit in openwrt - does it not exist or which package provides it?

Many thanks!

It might help to explain what "setsit" is supposed to be…

wget -qO- | zgrep bin\\/setsit

…Debian doesn't know either.


Closest I can think of would be the setsid command which runs a program in a new session. BusyBox does have it, but it is not compiled into the current binary used by OpenWRT.


This is all I can find by searching too. I cannot find a "setsit" command.

Is it for sessions like hiding a runtime program while doing interactively other things inside the same ssh shell environment?

Best option is screen for easyness and you can also use tmux, tmux is also great but harder to use imo you can also split screen with it, but it should both come with a session manager.

When I look to man page of setsid:

It also sets a group id, I don't know if screen or tmux does this aswell and or is this important to you?:thinking:

This is typically not needed on OpenWrt.
Non-interactive tasks are implemented as

  • services,
  • hotplug scripts,
  • cron jobs.
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What I would need setsid for is for logging in via a serial bluetooth connection from my phone.

Without it I can still set up the system so that i can access a shell via bluetooth, but then I have no job-control.

Is there another way to do this in openwrt?

When I connect to my OpenWrt VM over a serial, job control works as usual:

A terminal multiplexer like screen seems to work as well:

I do this on linux:

/usr/bin/rfcomm watch hci0 1 setsid /sbin/agetty --8bits --noclear -L rfcomm0 115200 linux --autologin mh

and then I can connect via bluetooth and get normal shell-acess.

As there is no setsid I do this instead on openwrt:

/usr/bin/rfcomm watch hci0 1 /usr/sbin/agetty --8bits --noclear -L rfcomm0 115200 linux --autologin mh

but then the shell complains about "cannot set terminal process group" and "no job control".

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