Is the WAVLINK WL-WN570HA1 fully supported?

Hello all, just a quicky.

Can anyone tell me if the WAVLINK WL-WN570HA1 is fully supported by OpenWrt. The device is simple, two radios and and Ethenet port and the original firmware is pretty basic. So a low bar for OpenWrt to reach. The one feature I am intersted in the is the ability to set the RF power levels. As an outdoors AP, distance is one of the things I'm looking for and I hope the RF can be turned all the way up. Anyone out there with OpenWrt running on such a device able to tell me if this is supported?

I run OpenWrt on BT HH5A which is awesome but there are some features that aren't fully supported (primarily full speed WiFi) hence my caution/questioning.


I installed latest release and it's more stable than original firmware. BUT I can set up only 24 dB TX power instead of 27 permitted by original US firmware. I'll probably change the antenna for test.
I think 24 is like "MID" setting.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if max power levels are different on 2.4 and 5 GHz?
24 dBm, is ~0.250W. Even 27 is half the 1000 mW power quoted on Wavlink's website.

Will investigate myself a bit more before flashing and will report back. Cheers

It's different, and very poor coverage in 5GHz, I power off to give more "power" to 2.4

Hi. I'm having exactly the same issue (i.e. can't set power above 24dBm for 2.4Ghz and 19dBm for 5Ghz). Manually putting in the right values to the etc/config/wireless file doesn't appear to make any difference.

Has anyone managed to get this to work at the proper power levels please?

Does your 5ghz network work propely on 19.07.2 (last master) on my device it does not, It works for a short period of time after rebooting and only with channel set in auto. Whatever change in channer or after a few minutes the 5ghz radio stops working propelly first it doest not allow to connect and then it can't be even found. However my 2.4ghz radio works flawlessly. The issue i have is exactly the one described here.

I'm having trouble with connecting on 5GHz and some drop outs, but it's difficult to tell whether that's because of what you're describing or whether it's because the signal strength is so weak. It connects ok if I stand next to it, so I'm suspecting it's the signal strength at least in part.

I think I may well need to roll back to the stock firmware. It's not really working at the moment.

Does anyone have a copy of the most recent stock firmware image please?


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