Is the speed normal?

So I have this,


Cables are all Cat6.e, and
All lans support 1000 MBit/s, full-duplex
All same LinkSys EA7500 v2 as a Primary router and 3 APs (Hardware Highlights)
All running 21.02.1


And this is the speed test between AP3 and primary router via iperf3

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 11.38.21 AM


Roughly 840Mbits/s plus, never reach 1000Mbits or even 900Mbits, could some tell me is this normal or acceptable? thank you.

If you're running iPerf with the source and/or sink on an embedded device (such a typical consumer router or AP), it is common to get results that seem to indicate much lower bandwidth than you can get when you pass traffic through the device. Typically, most network hardware is designed to route or switch/bridge traffic at high bandwidth using specialized hardware. The main SoC/CPU, however, is often quite limited as a general purpose computing device and may not be able to handle anywhere near the maximum throughput of the device in its intended mode(s) of operation.

Case in point -- I have a Unifi Security Gateway as my main network router. It is capable of 1Gbps routing. However, if I run a speed test using the USG, I can only get around 250Mbps. If I use my regular computer to run the same test, I get my full line speed (in my case, 500Mbps).

An iPerf result of 860Mbps is actually quite impressive for an embedded system. The maximum practical TCP throughput you'll ever get through gigabit ethernet is ~940Mbps (give or take).


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