Is Realtek 2.5Gbit USB>Ethernet working? (RTL8156)

Is there a way to make this work? Or any plans to make it work?
I dont yet have openwrt but planning on installing it within 2-3 weeks when i get my hardware, so i want to prepare, is this a possibility?

Thank you

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Should be, assuming that the router hardware comes with

  • USB3.1 port
  • sufficient bus bandwidth
  • powerful CPU to handle such bandwidth throughput
  • suitable power supply

Else the driver r8152.c (as listed on appears to be natively available in the Linux kernel

it requires kconf flag to build as kmod - check the OpenWrt kconfig settings for your hardware target whether the flag is set accordingly.

You sure it doesnt work with 3.0 USB? There are devices that use that with 2.5gbit

Those links refer to 8152 and not 8156 which is the new 2.5G, i expect they need specific drivers

I think at this stage these adapters will work more reliably in CDC/ECM/NCM mode using the driver that comes with the linux kernel rather than using the vendor driver.

It might be best to stick with kernel 5.10 if you're going to use them this way as there's stuff like this