Is possible to using 2 * VLAN with WIFI?

As in the tittle : Is possible to using 2 * VLAN with WIFI ?

Not really, WLAN has no concept of VLANs, you can only work around this limitation on a higher level, either by using multiple AP interfaces (not possible in this case, as no hardware allows two concurrent STA interfaces on a singlrle radio) or via various tunneling methods (e.g. GRE).


You could tunnel vlans over vxlan or gretap protocol f.e.


-> by using multiple AP interfaces

If possible to use 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz for the same VLAN ?

Yes, just use the same bridge

I did not succeed ...

Could you give me an example of the network and wireless files that I could use for each box?

Network :
Lan1 : 192.168.1.x , Lan100 : 192.168.100.x
VLan 1: for Lan1 VLan 100 for Lan 2

OpenWrt 1 for master
OpenWrt 2 for client

Wireless :
2.4GHz : Wireless_ 1 for VLan1
5 Ghz : Wireless_100 for VLan100

Using Stabridge ?

Are the OpenWRT devices using current version of OpenWRT? if so, are they DSA or sw_config?

OpenWrt is 21.02 with DSA

Sta mode wireless cannot be bridged, that config would only work if 4addr mode (option wds 1) is also enabled.


Oh yeah - oh well

I can't do it at all, I can't link any vlan to wifi

it is to replace running fine as this lan3 running fine as this by wifi ( 2.4GHz + 5 GHz )

In order to run a VLAN trunk over a wifi connection you do need some form of encapsulating or tunneling. The easiest solution is likely using one gretap tunnel per VLAN, then bridge VLAN interface (e.g. eth0.100) with the local gretap tunnel endpoint interface on each end of the wifi connection.

Edit: I was about to start typing it down but the same topic has been covered before, see [HowTo] L2 Trunk over wifi with gretap

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I add some infos:

Network is with DSA