Is it too warm?


I have the linksys wrt3200 and versus many other routers, the temp is really high....
Is it ok.?


Pretty normal for WRT3200ACM. They run hot.

This is WRT3200ACM, being pretty idle.
CPU some 63'C and board 48-49'C

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In contrast to more traditional mips based routers, ARM based ones tend to run a lot hotter - but they're also correspondingly faster.

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ok good to know.

cause my r7800 netgear is about 55 degres

Yeah, R7800 runs at 50-55'C:

R7800 with light load...

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CPUFreq may help beat tthe heat.

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What is it?

I bought USB fan but the router is in the room and my wife does not like the noise :slight_smile:
Pretty noisy..

thread, iirc hnyman has an image with it, there is also one off my avatar(but 5.4 with DSA, so probably not what you want), or best to build it yourself.

Cool stats (pun intended)
Which packages do I need to have them? How do I find out which sensors are available on my Fritzbox 4040?

I believe luci-app-statistics, collectd-mod-thermal


and collectd-mod-sensors for mvebu routers like WRT3200ACM to get also the board temp readings as the "thermal" does not recognize the board temp sensors


About app/package, everytime we need to do : update opkg, right? Cause in LuCi, without that , we can't download anything..

Sure, after each flashing of the router you need to update the list of available packages before installing packages. (unless you build a personal firmware that contains the updated lists...)

And as the buildbot rebuilds the package repos 2-3 times per week, the package list gets stale pretty quickly, so you need to update it again pretty soon.

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How do I know whether that is my case? The are some files under /sys/class/thermal but the values look kind of default.

What version of openwrt are you using ?
I'm on 18.06.8 and there is nothing in /sys/class/thermal.


@tomtom 19.07.3

Just look at the data/graphs created. For WRT3200ACM "thermal" shows just the CPU core temp, while "sensors" shows additionally also two temps from the board sensors. ( see Is it too warm? )

Under "thermal", there are two tabs named "cooling_device" but they only have a broken image inside them. Something tells me this isn't how it is supposed to work :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the radio chip temps that its reporting.

I have the cpu frequency finally on my build, so what it tells me?

Can I control the temp with that? I mean it helps to reduce temp?