Is it possible to share /tmp via Samba?


Trying, without success, to share /tmp via Samba for Windows access. I have installed the Samba Server and the Luci GUI Config for Samba. All documentation seems to be for sharing an external disk/USB. Any ideas ?

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You might try going to Services>Network Shares in Luci and enabling Share home-directories, i don't use it and Share home-directories doesn't seem to be working at all in the Snapshot i currently have installed, so i can't test it, but it's worth a try.

edit - it looks like you can just make a share for it, either in Luci or in terminal with something like this -

config sambashare
	option browseable 'yes'
	option name 'Tmp'
	option path '/tmp'
	option users 'your_user'
	option read_only 'no'
	option guest_ok 'no'

You don't want to share /tmp/ under any circumstances, it's memory backed (so filling it up is easy/ breaks your whole router until the next reboot) and contains partially sensitive and very sensitive files. Don't even think about it.

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Thanks, that is what I tried (+ variants). But Windows does not discover the share.

Thanks, will only use it for read.

It works. My Samba skills has improved :slight_smile:

root@MyHeatPump:~# smbclient //OpenWrt/TMP -N
smb: \> ls modbus.*                                   5  Thu Dec 27 21:29:29 2018
  modbus.log                                 712  Thu Dec 27 21:29:30 2018

		62712 blocks of size 1024. 60820 blocks available
smb: \>

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