Is interwiki link for "" changed?

Is in OpenWrt DokuWiki config file (eg. conf/interwiki.local.conf) the interwiki link "hwinfo" changed from "" to ""?

I noticed on OpenWrt DokuWiki techdata page of Ubiquiti UniFi AP the "WikiDevi ID" link gave a page with "...There is currently no text in this page...".
When editing that Ubiquiti UniFi AP techdata page, the "WikiDevi ID" comment mentions "Enter only <yourdevice> from<yourdevice>". Unfortunately that "WikiDevi ID" link does not result in a "" link but opens a "" page.

Also all "hwinfo" interwiki links are not using "" anymore but "".

Probably there is a logical cause/motivation for that OpenWrt DokuWiki interwiki link configuration change and I am looking forward for further help in this from somebody.

Thanks and all the best.

The wikidevi ID is meant as backup for situations where the original link is not available (which was the case at some time during the past 4 weeks). It is based on the assumption, that every descendant of the original wikidevi ( is one of those) has the same link scheme as the original wikidevi.

In this case, the wikidevi link in the dataentry was working for due to a redirect, whereas techinfodepot didn't have this redirect.

I have now corrected the wikidevi link in the dataentry, resulting in working links for both and techinfodepot.

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WikiDevi was replaced by DeviWiki -

wikidevi has been replaced by several descendants, not only deviwiki.


I don't keep track of the histories...

I use either DeviWiki (which has "ex WikiDevi" in it's title page) or TechInfoDepot.

I am a frequent contributor to as can be seen by Contributions and most of the other wikis are just taking my entries from there! DeviWiki appears to have not any new entries since 2019.

1 Like is my reference as well sine wikidevi went defunct. And I can tell you from personal experience the site operator is picky about details (and details matter with embedded).


@tmomas, thanks for the quick response with info and action.

Now I notice during editing an OpenWrt DokuWiki page when pasting the url, that url is automatically replaced by [[hwinfo_alternative2>]]. In preview such link is not working. I can solve it by typing the url instead of pasting it.

Thanks for letting me know, issue is fixed now.

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