Is Grandstream WIFI 7630 LR AP supported

IF Grandstream WIFI router support OPEN WRT ?

No, there is currently no Grandstream device that is supported by OpenWrt.

what is other option make it open wrt ?

what is the procedure where we can make grandstream to be supported by open wrt ?

Well first you need to know which chipset it has. Sometimes you can find that information online, sometimes you will have to open your router.
You are probably going to need a serial connection as well, so look on the board for the right pads.
Afterwards you will have to write a DTS and deal with stuf like flash layout among other things.

I am looping Mr Akash who is Tech support team for Information ,

(FYI, we see your discussion via a web forum, so we cannot see your email or who you're referencing.)

If you're referring to "looping" tech support at the OEM - I hope they're gracious enough to help you - it's rare that companies do.

looping Mr Akash

any possibility that we can make grandstream wifi Ap as open wrt compatible ?

Have Grandstream only made one AP, or do you want to support them all?

we have multiple AP most preferably we want Grandstream WIFI AP gwn 7630 LR , Datasheet attached here for your reference .Please help & guide


(Attachment Datasheet_GWN7630LR_English.pdf is missing)

I downloaded the datasheet, and it doesn't tell you anything about the chipsets.

There are internal views of the device from

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At least it's runs on an already supported hw platform.


Serial's populated, it seems - - 5th photo.

@lilan get an USB TTL serial port device, post the boot log.