Is anyone developing PoWiFi package?

if so where is it ?
if not how do i start developing one ?

First off, I'm puzzled as to why a purely hardware thing would need any software, assuming that you're talking about harvesting power from the RF transmissions of WiFI. Not quite a perpetual motion machine, but I certainly wouldn't expect to be able to power a router off of it.

To learn how to package software, if that was your question, here are some starting points:

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well, apparently it has being implemented with a firmware upgrade, however, i can't find it now, so you don't think it's possible then ?

I think it's possible to extract microWatts or less of power with "a big, honkin' antenna" and the proper hardware that is enough to keep super-low-power devices' batteries charged in between the fraction of a second that they periodically send a quick report to their server.

Much past that, you're into perpetual motion machines. Certainly, if someone claims that you can power a router solely from the RF radiation of another router of similar specs, you're well past that point.

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actually i remember []
said you can power a router in one of his vids a while ago

Two, quick sanity checks:

If such a thing were possible, wouldn't there be commercially successful products out there? The UW work was reported in 2015, plenty of time to implement technology and bring it to market, if it met a market need.

Second, if you believe that the first law of thermodynamics still holds, which most everyone does, including the UW team that described how you could eek out a charge for a tiny battery when right next to a WiFi AP that was constantly broadcasting, there isn't enough power to run the WiFi and the CPU, even if the WiFi were to be 100% efficient (which it isn't). Each radio has a power output of 1 W or less. Two radios = 2 W. Even running that over a lossless cable to another router isn't enough to idle that router at a typical 3-7 W power consumption.

no, simply because "the powers that be" make sure almost everything including consumer grade Wifi AP's are and probably always will be crap, unless someone sorts it out

i'm unable to confirm this as i seriously don't understand it, i'll consult my huge pdf collection for more info

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