Is 23.05 Available for LinkSys WRT3200 ACM?

The new hardware list at:

seems to show that latest 23.05 is available for LinkSys WRT3200ACM

However, the Table of Hardware List at:[Brand*~]=linksys

seems to show that only 22.03.2 is supported.

I've a Linksys WRT3200ACM that I'd like to flash with latest OpenWRT firmware but if this model is no longer supported and is EOL w.r.t. OpenWRT, I'd rather sell the router and purchase some new model that will have support going forward.

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Yes, 23.05 is available for this router, and the switch issues that were found on 22.03, have been fixed.

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Whoo Hoo!

Excellent News!

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It's working as great as possible on this very finicky hardware.

Just do the normal stability suggestions on the hardware page for the WRT3200ACM and I think you'll be pleased.