Ipv6tables needed packages

I would like to know what are the needed packages to enable ipv6tables. I am trying to use this: Block and Redirect DNS to PiHole - #9 by trendy and it seems that it returns an error for ipv6 tables. I am currently running openwrt freshly installed.

I am having the following errors.

These are warnings, not necessarily something very bad.
You can verify with ip6tables-save -c that the rules have been created and are in use.

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Thanks, another question. where should I place the rules? is it okay to add them on custom rules?

Upon checking ip6tables-save -c those values does not exist

Better add them in a separate file.

I just need to add the ip6tables values on /etc/firewall.nat6 after the values stated in the tutorial right?

Not exactly. Either you'll follow the whole solution described in the wiki, or you can see how it utilizes a custom file to store the additional firewall configuration to store the commands you have.