IPv6 WAN SLAAC, IA-NA, IA-PD, IAID with odhcpc6

Hey guys. I've tried to setup IPv6 with my ISP. The details provided are as follows

  • SLAAC point-to-point link

  • DHCPv6 with prefix delegation (/48 prefix)

  • Client parameters: IA-NA: 1, IA-PD: 1, IAID for NA: 1

I've tried to figure out what these means and reading through the source of odhcpc6
It seems like "Request IPv6-address" (luci > WAN6 > General Settings) or the odhcp6c -N positional argument should be set to try to get both IA_NA=1 and IA_PD=1 from what I understand.

For IAID Custom IAID in IA_PD/IA_NA requests - #5 by dedeckeh here it seems like I should only put "48:1" in reqprefix which is Request IPv6-prefix of length of (luci > WAN6 > General Settings).

I've tried enabling both and playing around with it with various settings and I cannot get a public IP. Should this be visible on the WAN6 interface under it with these configurations? Or should I expect a client from the network to pull it as needed?