IPv6 Relay plus ULA Address possible?

Dear all,

our provider only gives us a /64 subnet to work with, prefix delegation is not possible.
The provider's router only works as a modem - everything else is managed by the OpenWrt-device right behind it.

To make IPv6 usable for the clients, I needed to use Relay Mode (is there another feasable option?)
However, turning Relay Mode on stopped OpenWrt to hand out ULA Adresses to the clients.

How can I have both?

Looking forward to any help!

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Try creating a new interface as an alias of wan6, and set the protocol to static. Note: I have not tried this, and therefore am not sure if this will work.

I will call that interface "WAN62".
Which static address do you suggest should I use on WAN62?
(I'm also missing a link - sorry for my rudimentary knowledge of IPv6:) Why will I have to add a WAN62 interface when I need the ULA Addresses on the LAN?

Please create a new interface, set protocol to static, and the device to @lan. Then, do not assign any IPv4 or IPv6 address manually. Instead, go to Advanced Settings, set IPv6 assignment length to /64, and the IPv6 filter to local. In the firewall settings, set it to the LAN zone. In the DHCP settings, set both the RA service and optionally the DHCPv6 service to server.

Again, not tested, not guaranteed to work.

This proposal actually did the job.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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