IPv6-PD clients will not get gateway?

My Setup:

  • Linksys WRT3200CS just changed from stock firmware to the most current OpwnWRT.
  • Uplink is "Deutsche Glasfaser" fiber ISP with Dual-Stack and plain DHCP (no PPPoe, or such stuff)
  • I'm running an OpenVPN Server internally, and my Clients are connecting to it.

This was working fine with the stock firmware. The only thing I had to configure was the firewall traffic forwarding to the scope global address of the OpenVPN server on the router.

After changing to OpwnWRT, this does not work anymore (yes, I have changed addresses and traffic rules).
I can see the UDP TLS initial packet on the server coming in, but the client does not get any response.
Interesting fact: the server can ping the client and traceroute looks good too.

It starts working as soon I configure a static route to the client on my server via the gateways LAN IPv6 ::1.

So I don't get why OpenWRT does not provide itself as the gateway to the clients.

I could certainly set a static route to 2003::/3 to the gateway... and it works too, but I do not want to do this on every system.

2 questions:

  • what am I missing to configure?
  • is there an understandable how-to for IPv6 around? I found hundreds of articles, blog posts, and forum threads, but they all seem to rely on any magic knowledge ...


The defaults for wan6 and dhcpv6 will work, but Deutsche Glasfaser has a weird IPv6 related quirk, it can take up to half an hour for the first RAs to be sent by them. So after every reconnection, you'll be out of IPv6 connectivity for up to half an hour (this is a bug on their side, sadly nothing you could fix).


Thanks for your response.

I'm getting the IPv6 pretty fast ... just seconds. So, they may have fixed your observation.
As it is working with the Linksys Stock Firmware, they can not do this that bad anyhow.

My question is, what do I have to configure in OpenWRT to get the functionality back, which is provided by the stock firmware by default?

wan/ wan6 as default, plus ip6assign (e.g. option ip6assign '60') and ip6hint (e.g. option ip6hint '10') for lan. The rest should be all set by default (option dhcpv6 'server' and option ra 'server' as (o)dhcp(d) settings).