IPv6 not working

Hello, can someone please help me how should I fix this? the below screenshots are from whatismyipaddress.com

this is when I connect my PC directly to modem:

and this is when I connect my modem to OpenWrt router and connect my PC to the router:

I have default settings on my router. why it disable the IPv6?

My interface map looks like this

Your ISP seems to only issue a single /64 subnet and no Prefix Delegation. Unfortunately under normal circumstances, a /64 only good for a single client like a PC or laptop.

You may be able to inquire with your ISP or setup something like NAT66.

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Your modem is probably a router now, see if you can switch it to a bridge mode.

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With a Public IPv4 address? ?

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Wow. That's weird.

Cause I was referring to:

OP gets a Public IP when directly connecting a PC; but a Private IP connecting the OpenWrt.

Or...maybe the device is in router mode... :wink:

Good catch.

try relay mode:


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