IPv6: No address, only prefix

Hello everyone,

I've only recently started getting into IPv6. On top of that, I've changed ISPs. My config is nearly completely the default one, running OpenWrt 21.02.

I've noticed the following and would like to know if this is normal or if there's something wrong with my setup:

Former ISP: With the former ISP, I received a /64 IPv6 address that LUCi showed as IPv6 address on the WAN interface (as did "ip addr", "ifconfig" etc). Additionally, I received a /56 prefix that got delegated to the LAN interface and other devices.

New ISP: With the new ISP, there's no public IPv6 address on the WAN interface, only a /56 prefix from the provider. This prefix is successfully used for delegation to the LAN interface and network devices.

The rest of the configuration is identical. For the new ISP, I only needed to change PPPoE credentials.

Is this normal for some ISPs or is there something wrong here? To me it feels like the WAN interface should also have an IPv6.

Please let me know whatever information you need to help. Thanks!

This is a bit unusual, but it happens and should still work.
Clients get IPv6 PD and router uses IPv6 from its LAN.

Thank you for your reply. That is exactly what's happening: When accessing IPv6 resources from the router, it uses the ::1/60 address from the LAN interface, no change for clients in the network compared to my previous ISP.

So this might actually be a decision of my ISP and not something going wrong?

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get any proper technical information from them. It's a tiny local ISP that really seems to hate anything but their own Fritzboxes...

In the Fritzbox manual, they're talking about enabling Rapid Commit, which I couldn't find information about in OpenWrt. Anything this might have to do with it?

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