IPv6 link local & IPv4

Hi. i have an Alix 2D13 that acts as a router for my IPv4 ( network. I would like to add the ability to the router to send IPv6 (link local) to the systems, as well with the IPv4.
At the moment i have a pppoe to the ISP (IPv4) only.
May i ask for some guidance please?

The router already should be able to communicate with link-local IPv6. It just doesn’t route IPv4 to IPv6 or the reverse. You could set up some kind of IPv4 in IPv6 tunnel, but the use case isn’t obvious to me.


Link local addresses are automatically assigned from the devices themselves. You don't need to configure something, other than enabling IPv6.

Maybe you meant ULA addresses?


i am looking to propagate from the router IPv6 ip addresses that are not routable to the internet, i thought it was named link local. Even though it is named ULA, how do i enabled it from the openwrt in Luci, please?

It's enabled by default. Did you change any of your LAN settings?

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Go to Network -> Interfaces and at the bottom there is a box IPv6 ULA-Prefix
This is usually pre-filled but you can change it to your own.
Also make sure that in LAN interface, lower section where DHCP Server settings are in IPv6 tab you have Server mode in Router Advertisements and DHCPv6 Service, Stateful and Stateless in DHCPv6 mode.