IPv4 Rule Disable Button

Has it been implemented yet?

I really doesn’t get the question or your GUI.
All firewall rules have enable buttons, it has been that way since I started with 18.06 and probably before that?

Until very recently these disable buttons had zero effect.

Where have you found that mobile app gui?
What OpenWRT version do you run?

Yes, for netifd itself in 5ca5e0b4d058a47d72ba4102acdcec826e203c41 and updated within OpenWrt with 1e57d52e2ff549d618e53caa97200b4fe0a3d9aa.

These are IP routing rules (config rule sections in /e/c/network), a new facility in LuCI master.

This is the luci-theme-openwrt-2020 theme.

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Fantastic! Thanks for confirming.

I wonder how many OpenWrt users there are now. Must be a huge number. Have any guestimates been made ever?

There has been some estimates based on number of downloaded files.

But one downloaded file can be installed in many devices or not used at all or downloaded in many versions (imagebuilder and raw code) for the same device.

But pretty much the whole OpenWRT business idea is the possibility to be incognito user.

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