IPSec Performance?

@jeff wrote that on a mips soc the performance for an ipsec-tunnel is very low. Does this still applies?
Could u give me some number that the performance is? (ESP-Tunnel)

I just made the test
time ssh root@<router> time dd if=/dev/zero bs=500000 count=200 > /dev/null
and 800/time(sec).
It was 50 MBit/sec, so quiet low? And if I have multiple ipsec connections, it will become even slower?

In general those "consumer" CPUs are not made for high performance VPN usage scenarios. In best case you have two or more CPU cores (1,5 GHz+) nowdays instead just one for all and hardware offload (if supported) is enabled in favor over SQM. Given you have a 1GB WAN connection you could gain with one of the "high end routers" ~750-900MB without encryption and with nat offlaod enabled (for some devices). As soon as you enable encrytion and disable nat offloading you will drop into range of ~250MB with those routers (under optimal cricumstances). For your C7 the numbers (~50MB) are looking plausible to me. It is an old ar71xx/ath79 device with just one core @ 750MHz. You cannot gain performance over years.

Ofc. They are sharing the same ressources (cpu, ram, data uplink bandwidth).

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