IPQ807x ssh password


Would anybody know what is the default SSH password for IPQ807x routers?

If it's running OpenWRT there is no default password. So when you install OpenWRT, or upgrade, there is no password until you give it one. If you gave your router a password then use that one for SSH.

I tried the admin/admin (which is the web password) and root/admin, but it doesn't work. It seems to be running QSDK. Any ideas?

Seems like someone set a password for it already. Perhaps you can track them down? If not you could do a reset and then access SSH with a clean slate. I'm not familiar with QSDK except what I just read about it. If OpenWRT is the base system then a reset should give you access.

I tried a hard reset on the modem, but no luck. I suspect you may be right, someone might have set another password already. Is there any way to flash a new firmware without the ssh password?

I'd wait for someone with knowledge of QSDK to give you a definitive answer, but in theory, if there is a download for your brand/model of router I would assume you could install the latest stable release of OpenWRT. You may want to wait a few days because there has been a problem with the build bots for the latest release 19.07.7 that doesn't allow any packages to be installed. Apparently that problem will sort itself out in a few days.

And if you performed a hard reset you should be able to SSH and enter the web interface without a password.

What kind of router are we talking about?

It is an Unielec ipq8072. Model is U807x-01

I don't find it in the list of supported hardware. See here:

Not a single ipq807x device is supported by OpenWrt so far, so you're -by definition- talking about the OEM firmware here and not OpenWrt Considering that, all bets are off and you 'd need to ask Unielec, they've provided the firmware and configured its defaults (including passwords and device access).

There was a non default password indeed.

Feel free to share it, for future use.

It was 'apqcok', no idea how common that one is.


it might be generic, but we won't know until someone else tries it.

thank you.

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