IPQ807x OpenWrt Sysupgrade Server

Soo, today I have created a simple Sysupgrade-like server that will allow rapid access to robimarko's firmwares for ipq807x devices by proxying requests to github and creating a sysupgrade standard response.

In this way you can upgrade your openwrt on:

  • dynalink_dl
  • edgecore_eap102
  • edimax_cax1800
  • qnap_301w
  • redmi_ax6
  • xiaomi_ax3600
  • xiaomi_ax9000

...directly from the web interface.

You can find the tool here, and you can self-host it or use the version i am hosting:

Thanks again @robimarko for the builds


Both AX3600 and AX9000 wiki pages have now the info about this supporting activity.


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I suppose this will not add custom packages to the image, right? Now that robi publishes them for the latest build.