Ipq4028/ipq4029 device with full features on the board


I'm looking for a ipq4028 or ipq4029 based device that I can load LEDE to that provides a header with SPI, I2C, I2S, GPIO. As I need those to connect external peripherals.

I already own a couple of 8devices jalapeno DDKs but they didn't bring out all these features, something that for a development kit is a shame.

I also have several fritzbox 4040 so I can test LEDE support properly, but these only provide usb ports and uart.

I know that there is a reference device named AP-DK04 but compex doesn't seem to have it in their shop and the only datasheet that I found for the device leaves without description a couple of headers that I was hoping were what I was looking for, but since it looks like they can't be bought I'm looking for another options.

Do you guys know if there is any other device I can use?


That alone narrows down your search to a whopping 3 devices:

You can take a look at this board DK03 http://www.wallystech.com/product/html/?110.html

I think I came across a board that might suit for you

Hope this might help you out

Which OpenWrt image can you flash to this device?

Well, if stickman is hanging stuff off of the I2C/etc ports he might have enough knowhow to add/develop support for that board variant.

That said, at $172 per unit that board is pretty expensive for what you get. Definitely not "hacktoy" price range.

Edit: http://www.524wifi.com/index.php/compex-wpj419-multi-function-ipq4019-embedded-board-710mhz-arm-cpu-2x-ge-port-dual-band-802-11ac-wave-2-lte-gateway.html says it's only $99 - still a bit on the expensive side for a bare board.