IPQ-4019, OpenWrt-ct, 802.11s

Is anyone successfully using 802.11s on this chipset, with or without the CT firmware?

I have, but on 5GHz it works only with CT firmware, its broken in stock one.

Thanks for responding, that is very interesting. Did you find it reliable?

Two years ago, on the 9331, we found a lot of issues with 802.11s, like a new node could not join the mesh, or sometimes it would join but then could not rejoin if dropped, or packet loss.

How big of site did you do this with? Any commercial installations? Do you know if we are stuck with a 32 node limit?

It was used simply for a temporary installation where we had one device with uplink and other one that had only power so we used 802.11s 5GHz link with 2 8devices Jalapeno Dev kits.
It was reliable but since it was used for a couple of days its not really a measure of reliability.

We should use 802.11s with our IPQ4018 boards soon.
You should really not use it with a big number of devices since it is acting like a L2 bridge and with every hop you will have added latency and bandwith drop.

Very interesting. When do you think you can have 802.11s + IPQ4018 boards tested and commercially ready? If you can setup a mesh network of 32 nodes (with IPQ4018 boards), that would be perfect. I can imagine a lot of people are interested in this.

For me, I am looking at this from an angle of community wifi, so we are already expecting twice the latency and half the bandwidth at every hop already using batman-adv. Do you mean that 802.11s slows down as a whole with more nodes connected at greater hops away? I have been under the impression that the 32 node limit can be lifted fairly easily.

Well, we are in final prototyping stages and then full production will start.
I doubt that we will have time to test 32 boards in 802.11s soon.

Company that I work for now started from a non profit community wifi, which we still maintain and develop in a non profit entity.
We are using a hybrid mesh there, all devices are connected to one or more VPN gateways via Tunneldigger(L2TPv3 tunneling) and all of the traffic is routed by babel, this is working really good for a couple of years now. Most of our nodes haves uplink connectivity either directly or in case of multiple AP-s in one area ther is usually one node that will be doing VPN tunnel while others are connected to it by cable.
But in some areas pulling cables is not really easy so we use 802.11s for a couple of hops only.

We dont use batman-adv so I dont know how it behaves, but 802.11s will always make a L2 bridge and at some point latency will be too high

Would you mind to share how many nodes in your Babel mesh network and what is the throughput? Thanks.

Currently we have around 150 nodes online, but a lot are pending maintnance so the number is usually around 200.

I gotta check for the throughput but usually we around 100 mbits downstream on our main VPN.
Will check for precise info

Thanks. Is there a link which points to some info about your Babel mesh network?

Well, there is not much info.
Our Nodewatcher system is here: