Iphone has no internet when using shadowsocks

I have rouer 4A giga with openwrt installed , and i installed shadowsocks and openvpn
that works fine on all android devices , but some time iphone devices no internet error when work shadowsocks

You installed shadow socks and OpenVPN on your OpenWrt router? Everything else works?

What does the iPhone get for its network information (hit the "I")?

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Yes, I have installed both, but I do not use them at the same time. I have not had a problem with open vpn so far, but when I turn on the joystick, after a few hours, the iPhone's mobile phone shows the message no internet as shown above, but other mobile phones do not have this problem.

iI dont know what is your mean ?

Click the "I" button next to the network on your iPhone -- take a screenshot of the network info that is shown there.

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No problem at the moment, but after a few hours it will be like this again, it will even get an IP

Hard impossible to diagnose with the information you have provided.

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now , i have a samsung and a iphone , sumsung works fine , but iphone show this message

I disable shadowsocks in router then enable it , problem is resolved but after many hour , again do this problem
Another strange thing is that when this signal comes up, the Telegram app works

Your DNS is configured manually on your phone... that could cause the issue. what is is set to? What happens if you change it to be set automatically?

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I set this dns manually to solve the problem, it does not matter when it is in automatic mode, this symbol still appears

Shadowsocks will probably need some adjustments