IP multicast does not work on bridged VLAN+WiFi interface

Hi all
I run my main router on a Orange Pi PC2 on which I have configured on the single gigabit ethernet connection (eth0) two VLANs, VID 2 for LAN and VID 3 for the WAN. Then with a managed switch, I untag the VLAN to connect my ISP router and my home LAN. The LAN interface is created as a bridge (br-lan) of eth0.2 and wlan0 and wlan1 which are two wireless interface belonging to two USB WiFi dingles (a ralink and an atheros one), very similar to the classic bridged interface of "normal" router except for the fact that the cabled interface is a VLAN. Everything works OK except when I am connected to the two WiFi radio on the router, in this case I am not able to reach out devices in LAN via multicast, so I cannot "see" DLNA, uPNP, IoT devices. If I connect to another AP radio, my home is on 4 floors and I have an AP on each floor, whos are connected on the LAN home network, I can see the multicast devices. Same if I connect to LAN wired. So the problem is with the router WiFi (or even the entire LAN network on router, I didn't try to search devices via multicast from the router itself due to lack of proper tool). Multicast snooping is set to 0 on br-lan, so I really don't know what is dropping multicast (and cannot be firewall since we don't have ebtables). Thanks for the help, bye.

Nevermind. I must have been drunk when I set up everything, I had multicast snooping enabled on the managed switch.... :roll_eyes:

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