Ip camera gose offline after wrong update

Hello guys i have an ip camera i did update but after failed update camera not going online anymore its a wifi ip camera. Can i do a flash firmware on this chip and recover the camera? And please how i can do it? I need to find the bois on this chip and erase it by TFTP usb tool then upload the camera firmware then it show works? Please help

Does it run Openwrt ?

No it dosnt run openWrt. Its a chip for IP camera. After i updated it wrongly. Camera doesn't work i just wanted some help if i can flash this chip again so i can make CCTV camera works maybe there is a way to reflash the Bios and recover the IP camera to make it works again

If it runs OpenWrt, you are in the right forum.
If it doesn't run OpenWrt, you have to search somewhere else for support.


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