Iopsyswrt (openWrt derivate) build unsuccessful

Hi devs,

I am looking to build iopsyswrt, which is based on OpenWRT.
It fails within the process with

make[8]: *** No rule to make target 'libatmctl.so_arm.shipped', needed by ''.  Stop.

I believe it is part of the bcmopen packages available here:

Tried multiple versions (targeting bcmopen-EG400-6.0-latest) of it with multiple servers (ubuntu16 and ubuntu20). All the same result.

Looking into the problematic package, I have the following structure:
trying to build it directly, I get the same output.

From what I know about makefiles, I can not find anything that would relate to the original error.

Any ideas from someone on this?

Let me know if you need to have a look at the makefile or anything else.

That is something you need to ask IOPSYS, not OpenWrt - we are not privy to their proprietary SDK and even less Broadcom's binaries


I know that it is not OpenWrt specific. It's more of a general build / make issue. (I doubt it's a source code problem / bug, as the corresponding driver exists for quite some months)

I could also have asked this at stackoverflow etc. but decided I'd find more specific experts over here.

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