Internet not working after inserting a USB drive

I used the OpenWRT documentation to get a USB drive installed, recognized, and accessible on my new OpenWRT installation. When I insert the USB drive, the internet connection stops working. Is there a fix I can apply?

Which device, which drive, does it have its own power supply or draws power from usb?

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It's working now. It mounts and unmounts from the "Mount Points" on the LuCi GUI. Internet is working. I had just installed the software to get it running. Maybe when I powered off and rebooted the last time things were properly configured. I'm coming from another router OS and the USB insert broke the internet connection and it was never fixed in that OS. OpenWRT with the LuCi convenience (Mount Points menu) is a breath of fresh air.

For the record:

My router is a Netgear R7800. The USB drive is a SanDisk Cruzer 8gb. The Cruzer has no independent power supply. It's inserted in "USB2". I have two USB slots and a "eSATA" slot. The router supplies the power. I have OpenWRT 21.02.2 .

Thanks for the quick reply.

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