Internet connection status display? colorful if poss

Is there a way to have an internet connection status page in OpenWRT/LuCI, similar to this?

Best example I was able to find on the internet. It's the square in the top left saying "ERROR" that I want. Presumably turned green or something when connected to the world.

I have been unable to find this information anywhere in LuCI, even in plain text. Is there a page somewhere that will check status just by being loaded? As opposed to say Diagnostics that will do something when asked.

You might say "just check a website" or "just ssh and ping" but it is really much more convenient this way. Especially for a person like me who's always breaking things.

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yup... in the good ol' days of adsl/2... spent most of my router time looking and the wan connection log...

definitely something worthwhile... these days the definition of 'internet online' is a bit more abstract tho...

I think the recent improvements to watchcat(+ similar mwan3 routines shame they don't pool resources) and development of luci notifications will lead to something feasable in the very near term...

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Luci's status page lists the network connection, including "IPv4 Upstream" and "IPv6 Upstream", just below "System" information and "Memory" usage.


There's luci-mod-dashboard, which might have what you're looking for:



This is what I have. You are saying that I can infer from the time connected that I am connected to something?



Very cool that just this piece is available by itself. Looking at 00_internet.js it pings cloudflare nameservers. I guess if even one of them returns than the light would have to be green but I can't read it very well.


Perfect yes. What does it mean "It is not available yet with LuCI interface."?

I'd actually be inclined to put this where it could be seen without admin privileges so it could be used by people on the LAN other than myself. Hmm so many possibilities with floss software.

Pull the WAN plug and you'll see the difference.

I'm not sure where you're getting that quote from since I didn't write it, but you can install it through opkg.

@Borromini it is on the page itself, pulled for the link preview also:

I did try pulling the WAN cable before but I was lazy to do the real experiment.

I have router2 -> router1 -> modem, this being router2. If I disconnect router2 from router1 then yes, it goes away. However if I disconnect router1 from the modem, nothing changes.

I wonder if the "connected" means "connected to something" rather than "connected to the internet"? It would have to testing somehow to determine the latter right? Like the small plugin pings some name servers.

I guess more science would show exactly what is going on here, though presumably documentation exists somewhere describing the details of what's being counted. (I can't seem to find it though.)

You can also open an issue on the github of internet status…

what is the issue?

There is none, but you can ask for help or evolution to the author himself…