Internet connection resets every 2 minutes

New to the forum and using OpenWRT. I bought a ZBT WE-826-T2 router and a Sierra Wireless MC7455 modem. Under network/4G, I can see the IP address for about 2 minutes but then it disappears for about 15 seconds and then reappears for another 2 minutes. I have read through the user guide but don't understand a lot of it. I also don't know how to connect directly to the modem. I only intend on hooking up a couple devices via ethernet and WIFI. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please try to find repeating relevant messages in the log.

Can you elaborate?

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Here is a screenshot of the system log.

I don't plan on using a VPN so what is the best way to disable it? In regards to connecting to the modem, I know they say to use CuteCom but what program do I use to open the file and do I connect via USB from laptop to modem or by ethernet?

Here is another screeenshot showing the VPN error.

Please cut and paste the log text then post it here inside a code block (the </> on the top row of the editor box).

If you have a VPN installed by default must be someone's custom firmware, not the official builds.

  • This is the first time you mentioned a VPN
  • Where do you see a VPN?
  • Why are you under the impression that you have a VPN that needs disabling, if you didn't set one up?

The router came with OpenWRT already installed. The firmware version doesn't seem match with the current version of 18.06 but being a ZBT WE826 T2 which isn't on the list I didn't want to risk downloading it.

VPN came already installed. If it won't affect the operation of anything then I will delete it.

kernel 3.10? that's an ancient version of openwrt, custom by mfg probably, hard to know what bugs it might have etc

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