Internet Connection issues on certain devices

I am setting up OpenWRT on my router and Desktops have an internet connection but connecting my phone to the wifi it connects but says "No Internet" but i'm able to login into the router from my phone, Firewall rules seem good and in the wireless interface it's assigning an IP to the device?
what could be the issue? also, connecting my smart tv via ethernet it doesnt get any internet but gets assigned an IP

Setup: USB Tethering from phone > Router

followed this guide:

You’re tethering the router to your phone and then connecting the phone back to the router by wifi?

That won’t work - you’re creating a routing loop

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No, I'm using an old phone with a active cellular plan to provide internet to the router via usb tethering, the router takes that input as a "internet" connection, the issue I'm having is that everything besides computers won't connect to the internet. If i connect my personal phone to the wifi, it gets assigned an ip address but there is no internet connection but i can access luci from my personal phone, our smart tv which connects to the wifi network gets assigned an ip but no internet, direct wired connecting the tv to the router still says no internet but a desktop computer instantly connects and has Internet Via Ethernet. P.s, connecting my desktop to wifi works no problem, issue seems to be limited to phones and our tv's which will not connect to internet at all

Is this the same phone you used for USB tethering?


Are they on the same interface/VLAN?

As well as IP address, check if DNS and gateway IP addresses are being assigned to your devices.

What openwrt device and version have you installed?

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Tv's, Roku's, and Phones all receive an ip address, get assigned the gateway ip and DNS. Looking at logs the handshakes are going as planned. Using a Tp-Link Archer A7 21.02.3.
Comparing the Desktops/Laptops Connection info all match to the devices having issues accessing the internet but local connections seem to be fine. When pinging devices on the local network acts weird.
if this helps:
Desktops Can ping the devices aka personal phone that are having issues with internet connection
My personal phone can't ping (ping times out) devices such as my laptop/Desktop or other devices that can connect just fine but can ping devices that can't connect like tv's and other phones.

The phone used for usb tethering is only being used to supply internet via Cellular data to the router this is an old phone. family phones including my personal will connect to wifi but all say "connected, No internet". My laptop that i connect to wifi works perfectly fine but phones don't. I would assume that they are on the same interface because my laptop works fine on 2.4ghz and 5ghz when Phones, Tablets, Smart Tv's/Roku's say "Connected, No Internet"

Can you confirm this thru showing configs?

(We can't guess if your assumptions are accurate.)

fyi, if you are using Windows 10 computers, they do not respond to pings unless it is enabled in the Windows firewall for example.

What is the IP address assigned to the USB tethered WAN port?
I presume the WAN and LAN ports of the A7 are using different subnets.
eg. 192.168.42.x and 192.168.1.x as in wiki example images.

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Might be ttl setting

Sounds very much like a DNS or default gateway issue.

Can you provide details of IP address settings for working and non-working devices, including dns and gateway?

Plus your dhcp settings from the router