Interfaces on Router... HELPME

Hi ... I'm new, and it's the first time I've run into openwrt.
I have a question that may seem trivial to many of you, but not for me.
I noticed that on my router (TP-LINK w8960n (v.5)) there are 2 interfaces that I didn't understand what they are and what they are for ... and they are:

eth0.1 and br-lan ...

What are they and what are they for?

Thanks and sorry for my english!

My apologies for not answering in your native language

br-lan is a Linux bridge. It typically "covers" (connects, switches packets between) a physical interface on the CPU and the wireless card's interface. The "enslaved" interfaces under Linux don't get addresses, just the bridge. The CPU interface connects to the internal switch hardware, that then connects to the Ethernet ports.

eth0.1 is a VLAN-tagged physical interface on the CPU. In many routers there is only one physical interface, so VLANs are used to separate the "WAN" traffic from the "LAN" traffic when working with the switch. For example, VLAN 1, which eth0.1 can read and send, might be the WAN traffic and VLAN 2, which eth0.2 can read and sent, the LAN traffic. (I might have VLAN 1 and 2 backwards compared to your router)


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