Interfaces eth0 and eth1 exchanged

I have a GL-AR150 router that used to run fine with 19.07.1. It is configured mostly straightforward, WAN as DHCP client, LAN with static IP and bridged to WLAN0. When I look into the backup of my old configuration, WAN was associated with eth0, LAN with eth1.

Lately I upgraded to 19.07.3. The box did not work anymore, it did not get an address via DHCP, the static address was not reachable. After some experiments I reset the box to factory settings and restarted from scratch. When I looked into the default configuration, I noticed that eth0 was on LAN now, and eth1 on WAN!

There is no VLAN setting in the config.

I restored my configuration backup and exchanged the interfaces. Now it is working again.

Is this normal? What can cause the changing of the interfaces?

In most cases, eth0 is LAN and eth1 is WAN by default in OpenWrt.

Possibly this commit: ath79: fix default config for devices with eth0/eth1 swapped

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