Interface troubles with multiple virtual wifi SSIDs on LEDE


i am pretty new here, so please apologize if I am posting on the wrong place.

however, used to ddwrt on linksys 54GL from the old days, we are running now a Linksys 1900acsV2 withUMTS interface on LEDE (latest) and we are pretty impressed and stunned by the almost complete firewall features you implemented.
But as the whole thing is installed in a car it has to manage several virtual interfaces:

  • a client-wifi connecting to the garage's master wifi (drive in) and
  • a master-wifi (car on the street).

Having the indoor client SSID connected to the garage's wifi everthing works out fine, but leaving the garage, that means loosing connection between client-SSID and garage's wifi, leads to a complete stop of the physical wifi interface!

Running only one virtual interface per physcal interface works just fine, but if you add another interface LEDE gives up everytime immediately after loosing connection between it's wifi - client SSID and garage's indoor master.

Unfortunately we could not circumvent this issue, so we are asking for help. Please feel free to ask for further information.



Please post:

  • /etc/config/wireless
    • Remove password prior to posting, as well as SSIDs if you have them set to hidden

  • System log output when it occurs
    • Issue: logread and copy the relevant lines
      • To make it a bit easier, look at the clock prior to initiating the switch [prior to leaving the garage]:
        • Initiate the switch, wait for the issue to occur, and once it does, wait 1min, then issue logread and copy all lines from 1min prior to pulling out of the garage through to the end of the output

Please post all config and log ouput within code boxes

This sounds like a classic case of STA+AP mode where if the STA goes down, the AP also does.

The only way to solve this in general is some kind of helper script which adjusts your wireless config to disable the STA when it drops.

Starting with something like this:
And adding a periodic scan for your other network to reappear should do the trick.
That script will need work to customise for your situation, I don’t think it will satisfy you out of the box. I only link it to point you towards the concept.

This [STA+AP mode where if the STA goes down, the AP also does] shouldn't be an issue on the WRT AC Series, and while the Marvell driver has always been somewhat unstable in certain environments (there were issues in the past with Apple devices for instance), this specific issue was never one I recall seeing in the OG WRT1900AC OpenWrt thread (which is thankfully now dead, but from Jan 2015 through Dec 2017, I don't ever recall this specific issue being brought up)

  • The only difference between the ACS v1 & v2 is the FCC power restrictions, and I've never come across this issue with the 3200ACM v1, 1900ACS v1, 1900AC v1, or 1200AC v2

To manage multiple STA/client connections on your router simply use the package travelmate, look here

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Are you able to substantially back this up?
The problem lies within wpa_supplicant, not any one (or many) drivers.

Hadn’t seen travelmate before. It appears to (gracefully) achieve exactly what I was describing with a nicer front end.
If the issue did not exist, would such a package follow?

You're more than welcome to use Google Advanced Search to comb the now [thankfully] dead, previously de facto thread for the WRT AC Series

  • I followed that thread from page 100 (around post 2,500) in January 2015 through page 598 (post 14,937) in March 2018.

Looks like my memory is wrong... here's the link with the Google Advanced Search results

Hy guys!

thanks to everybody.

package "travelmate" did the trick!

...moving on optimizing wifi performance now.....