Intelbras WRN 240 SLIM


I would like to use the LEDE on an INTELBRAS router model WRN 240 SLIM

Chipset BCM5356L
Flash memory 2 MB
16MB SDRAM Memory
Fixed antenna of 5 dbi

Protocols and standards: IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n, 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, CSMA / CA, CSMA / CD, TCP / IP, NAT, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS

I did not find the WRN 240 SLIM model
I did not find the BCM5356L CPU

How can I upgrade this router to the LEDE, I have not found a .bin package

2MB flash / 16MB RAM is way too little. Even 4/32MB is borderline, see