Intel AX411 Wireless Card

Hello, I am using Unifi HD as AP. The device supports 4x4 mimo. But the most up-to-date card I can find on the market is the Intel AX200. It has 2x2 mimo. With 160 mhz I get 900 mbps on stock firmware. But 160mhz sucks when openwrt is installed. For this reason, I'm looking for a 4x4 mimo supported card, but I can't find it. I have read some articles about Intel AX411, will this card be 4x4 mimo? Does anyone have information? Or is there any other ngff 4x4 card for laptop?

Edit: No it will still be 2x2 MIMO :disappointed_relieved:

3 and 4 stream cards are not easy to find my friend. Its kind of funny how most WiFi devices sold are 1 or MAYBE 2 stream but for AP's the norm is 3-4 stream. Without hijacking the thread too much, Id also love to find a 3 or 4 stream wifi card but with the mini pci express !interface and half-height if anyone knows of one that's actually available and doesn't cost an arm or a leg!

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There are no ax cards that support more than 2x2.

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Somehow I missed that the op was asking about AX cards and assumed this was a discussion about AC. My bad.

If your laptop has a 2x2 card, than it has 2 antenna connectors. A 4x4 wifi card has 4 antenna connectors. Even if you can install and configure it, you'll face connectivity issue.

Here you'll find 4x4 AX cards.
Whatever or not they are supported inside OpenWrt is another matter.

I think the Turris people have some. Those cards have too many issues.

Check and you may find some 4x4 MIMO cards on there.

like this one;
AW7915-NP1 4T4R AX


The cards shared above do not have windows driver, their size is very large, it does not use the ngff interface, it uses a mini pcie interface. What I'm looking for is a card that is the same size as the intel AX200. At least 3x3 mimo I'm okay with that. All I can find is the Broadcom BCM94360CS apple board. It's a very old card. It doesn't need to be AX, I'm already using Unifi HD. I guess the Intel AX411 has no choice but to wait.

I bought a Dell DW1830 card. BCM94360. 3x3 mimo. But the driver part sucks. While I could reach 500 megabits with the AX200, I could only reach 350 megabits with this card. Frustration...