Integrate new devices using profiles

Hi all, could you please help me with first stages in implementing a new devices.

I am a new in OpenWRT thus don't have real experience how to integrate new device.

I should add support for two new boards based on IPQ8072a which are differs by some configs and environment, currently I have a plan to manage configurations by creating a separate profiles per device:


PROFILE1_PACKAGES:= luci openssl-util

define Profile/Profile1

PROFILE2_PACKAGES:= tcpdump openssl-util

define Profile/Profile2

During inversigating how to set some differencies per profile I faced with non clear understanding how to:

  1. How to set separate kernel configs (and non kernel config) per profile
  2. How to set separate dts (device tree) file per profile
  3. How to set base-files per profile

Could anyone help with this, maybe my approach with profiles is not suitable if we need to have differ configs/base-files/e.t.c per device ?

Best regards, Ihor