Installing Quassel core on OpenWrt using Docker image

Hello everybody,
I am using OpenWrt 22.03.2 on a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 v1
configured as a dumb switch connected to the main router of my home lan. The main purpose is to have a permanent connection to irc networks, and I have been successful in installing the ZNC bouncer on the WDR3600 using the OpenWrt packages provided (I have used Extroot to install all needed packages and to have enough space fro znc logs).
I would also try to install Quassel core on the WDR3600, but since there are no packages for it, I have been told that I could have a chance to get it using a container. So I looked for some tutorial on how to install and use Docker on OpenWrt and I found this doc:
OpenWrt as Docker container host
It is there described a simple way to install Docker Community Edition and to manage images using luci-app-dockerman, but unfortunately that package is not available for my architecture. So can anybody help me to achieve the same goal using CLI?
My aim is to use the image. Is this a reasonable objective?

The linked quassel-core image does not support your architecture either. So no: this is not going to work with this image. I highly doubt that your 580MHz single-core MIPS router has sufficient CPU power to run a docker image.

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