Installing problem on TP-Link Archer C60 v3

Hi All,

When I use the GUI uploaded the Firmware, it reported as following from TTY,:

upgrade firmware...
md5 verify ok!
[Error]sysmgr_proinfo_buildStruct():  605 @ unknown id(device_name), skip it.
[Error]sysmgr_proinfo_buildStruct():  605 @ unknown id(hw_id), skip it.
[Error]sysmgr_proinfo_buildStruct():  605 @ unknown id(oem_id), skip it.
[Error]sysmgr_proinfo_buildStruct():  605 @ unknown id(country), skip it.
      vendorName : TP-Link
       vendorUrl :
     productName : Archer C60
 productLanguage : EU
       productId : 00060003
      productVer : ff030000
       specialId : 54570000
           hwlId :
           oemId :
[Error]sysmgr_cfg_checkSupportList():  909 @ 42520000 NOT Match.
[Error]sysmgr_cfg_checkSupportList():  909 @ 45550000 NOT Match.
[Error]sysmgr_cfg_checkSupportList():  909 @ 55530000 NOT Match.
Firmwave not supports, check failed.
[NM_Error](nm_checkUpdateContent) 01075: hardware version not support
[NM_Error](nm_buildUpgradeStruct) 01188: checkUpdateContent failed.

check firmware error!
[NM_Error](nvrammanager_verifyFirmware) 00476: upgradeFirmware failed

And if using the TFTP method, it reported the Firmware is not matched, currently it's firmware is ver 1.2.0 (maybe it blocked everyting?), or it need to flash chip directly? thanks!

If I'm not mistaken openwrt firmware don't support your device specialId : 54570000 (TW?). Formally it support 42520000 (BR), 45550000 (EU) and 55530000 (US) only.

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so I need to modify the specialID of openwrt package? IDK that the TP-link FW contains TW ID in EU package...

Yes. At least to bypass the check you need add new specialId