Installing OpenWRT packages on LEDE (bandwidth monitoring)

Hello! I am in the process of buying a new router, and a vital functionality that I need is the use of this plugin:
I'm curious if it's possible to install OpenWRT packages on Lede, or if there is any package with a similar functionality?


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Openwrt and LEDE share the package source repositories "feeds" (packages, luci, routing etc.), so most of the "official" packages are common for now.

For package that are not in the official feeds, you will likely need to import the sources and compile the package yourself to match your current kernel etc. (a package compiled for Openwrt CC15.05 will very likely not run in LEDE, and vice versa.)

But you might check the existing packages like vnstat, darkstat, bmon, bandwidth and luci-statistics. You did not quite mention which aspect of the new package's functionality was the key... transfer per client? total bandwidth? daily total transfers?

Hello! Thanks for the tip. I will check out the existing plugins!

The functionality I require is per-device bandwidth usage, as we will be many people sharing a limited 4G network. Is this available in any plugin in the official repositories?

At least darkstat shows that host-based info pretty easily. I am not using that normally, but just tested it and it showed me the traffic per host. when you start it, it also starts a web service where you can read the stats in port 667

But I have not tested it any further. and this is just with the default config without tweaking any options (e.g. monitoring only local hosts etc.)

Cool, Darkstat looks like it would do the trick, if it's possible to modify it somehow. Only issue is that the data isn't very human readable, and some not-so-tech-savvy people would also need access to the data - luci-wrtbwmon would be excellent for that purpose. Would it be possible to get it to run for basically any kernel? Would it be very difficult?

??? It is available in the package repo. You just use opkg to download and install it.

(all those packages that I mentioned can just be installed with opkg)

Could you please share some details on how to match the kernel version?
I believe you know the answer to my question: