Installing OpenWrt on ZTE specific u-boot

Some time ago i`m trying to install OpenWRT on ZTE ZXV10 H201L, i also asked on this forum how to install

My device: ZTE zxv10 h201l 2/32mb (Target:latinq/XWay)
Hello, i'm trying to boot from initramfs, i'm getting .bin by tftp (tftpboot 0x81000000 owrt.bin), then trying to boot (bootm 0x81000000), but it boots from flash, i'm trying to write sqashfs to flash and boot - error (no avaiable image), but imls report Linux OpenWrt e.t.c.
Please help) Thanks

Some peoples answered that it is impossible to install on this trimmed bootloader. But i`m trying to compare official image and penwrt, and found a relationship that the official image has a specific header with checksums of the kernel, root filesystem and the checksum of the header itself. I tried to substitute the header from the official image to the openwrt image, when I try to boot, it writes "kernel CRC error" I tried to fix the checksums of the kernel and the root file system - it showed an error "header CRC error" Corrected the checksum of the header to the correct one - again kernel checksum error. I think need to calculate the length and offsets, I managed to find information on this on the Russian forum

Some information about the ZTE firmware file format.
A typical firmware file consists of a header, a kernel image and a rootfs image
Typical header size is 0x100 bytes. The location of the rest of the firmware components is encoded in the header.
Below, in the form of offset ranges, some of the header fields and their purpose are indicated.
[0 - 0x10) - magic string 99 99 99 99 44 44 44 44 55 55 55 55 aa aa aa aa
[0x44-0x48) - full size of the firmware file (hereinafter, all little endian numbers)
[0x48-0x4c), [0x4c-0x50), [0x50-0x54) - length, offset from the beginning of the file and crc32 of the kernel image
[0x54-0x58), [0x58-0x5c), [0x5c-0x60) - length, offset from the beginning of the file and crc32 of the rootfs image
[0x60-0x80) - similar to the mtd partition table
[0xb8-0xbc) - crc32 of the header fragment [0x14, 0xb8)
There can be alignment voids between components to make the component offsets a multiple of 16.
The kernel and rootfs are coded with the usual linux algorithms. After repackaging them, you need to adjust the header accordingly (recalculate the lengths, offsets and checksums).
To collect the firmware from a dump, you need to find the location of the header, kernel and rootfs in the dump and glue them into one file, focusing on the fields of the header. The resulting voids are filled with ff.

, I would like to know how to correctly assemble the title, I can still calculate the checksums, but the length, offsets, numbers little endian, from which address on which the kernel and the root file system are located is already incomprehensible. Hope for your help <3 With Яussia Froм Love

My ZTE ZXV10 H201L has 8/32

thats backup.bin check your image with binwalk

I encountered ZTE Header too you can find more information here :