Installing OpenWrt on TP-Link WR849N v5 & v6


Hello again.

I was wondering if someone have pictures of the PCB from the TL-WR849N v6 for a hardware comparison. I want to see the RAM chip and the FLASH chip to search the datasheet of them.

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Alguém tem o recovery do wr849n v6


Hi,i am new at this forum

the 849 doesnt allow to install luci on v5 version ?



Its a flash size problem... 840 share the same hardware with 849... Both have 4M of flash (v5 and v6)... Openwrt does not support 4M hardware anymore, although it can be installed in some routers with 4M without some modules, like Luci, which consume a lot of flash space....


a question, possibly already discussed somewhere else. I bought yesterday a recent model of this line, that is, TL-WR849N(BR) Ver:6.0 (according to the sticker in the box), but in another place in the same box there is a mention of having 256 Mb RAM and 32 Mb flash (that's what ultimately made me buy the router).
However in other places in the internet there are reports of that same router and version as having 4/32 Mb (like here:
I haven't still opened the box (I suppose there is still some time to try a RMA if I find something bad). Even less took a look to the board.
Questions are: (1) should I believe that this specific model is really 32/256, or has anybody been presented to this model? (2) if so, the image for 8/64 or 4/32 possibly is not suitable to this device. Could you give any hints about how to refactor a image in order to make it suitable to my model?


I guess you can call this 'creative' marketing, lower case 'b' in 'Mb' usually signifies bit, instead of bytes.

256 Mb(it) := 32 MB(yte)
32 Mb(it) := 4 MB(yte)

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Yes, it is really misleading, I almost fell for it too.The problem is you can't even complain, because technically it is correct, although unusual.


The images I posted work on it.