Installing OpenWrt on TP-Link WR849N v5 & v6

Hello again.

I was wondering if someone have pictures of the PCB from the TL-WR849N v6 for a hardware comparison. I want to see the RAM chip and the FLASH chip to search the datasheet of them.

Thanks you all

Alguém tem o recovery do wr849n v6

Hi,i am new at this forum

the 849 doesnt allow to install luci on v5 version ?


Its a flash size problem... 840 share the same hardware with 849... Both have 4M of flash (v5 and v6)... Openwrt does not support 4M hardware anymore, although it can be installed in some routers with 4M without some modules, like Luci, which consume a lot of flash space....

a question, possibly already discussed somewhere else. I bought yesterday a recent model of this line, that is, TL-WR849N(BR) Ver:6.0 (according to the sticker in the box), but in another place in the same box there is a mention of having 256 Mb RAM and 32 Mb flash (that's what ultimately made me buy the router).
However in other places in the internet there are reports of that same router and version as having 4/32 Mb (like here:
I haven't still opened the box (I suppose there is still some time to try a RMA if I find something bad). Even less took a look to the board.
Questions are: (1) should I believe that this specific model is really 32/256, or has anybody been presented to this model? (2) if so, the image for 8/64 or 4/32 possibly is not suitable to this device. Could you give any hints about how to refactor a image in order to make it suitable to my model?

I guess you can call this 'creative' marketing, lower case 'b' in 'Mb' usually signifies bit, instead of bytes.

256 Mb(it) := 32 MB(yte)
32 Mb(it) := 4 MB(yte)

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Yes, it is really misleading, I almost fell for it too.The problem is you can't even complain, because technically it is correct, although unusual.


The images I posted work on it.


I successfully installed the "minimal" luci (with firewall, to resolve NAT access) in WR849N v6 with the following instructions:

  • set ip in your pc to
  • copy tp_recovery.bin-v6 to tp_recovery.bin
  • run tftpserver with tp_recovery.bin in the same folder
  • press router reset button for 8 seconds
  • wait upload progress in tftpserver
  • wait some minutes to install (your router will reboot)
  • change ip in your pc to automatic
  • unzip
  • ssh root@ mkdir /tmp/luci-minimal
  • scp packages-luci-minimal-firewall/*.ipk root@
  • ssh root@ opkg install /tmp/luci-minimal/*.ipk
  • open in your browser

PS: my file contains these files:


Hi Luiz, I've been trying to get the WR749v6 to work with OpenWRT but I think I can't get it done by myself, I already bricked one router and I'm affraid to continue on a second one.

From what I understood, it's not possible to fit the newest OpenWRT into a 4MB router, but what if we can put the Chaos Calmer which is used to fit in older routers with only 4MB? I do need LuCi because I have an API that inserts and extracts information automatically from the router and I've been struggling to make it work on these new cheap models on the market.

I am willing to pay a little money (I'm from Brazil too) if you could compile me the Chaos Calmer to work on this WR749v6 model because I've trying for the past days without any success. I think for you it wouldn't take much as you know the way to achieve it already. And the file can be public to anyone else that needs it.

I would thank you so much if that is possible. You can use the same username here on Twitter to find me.

How much are you willing to pay?

I cannot extend the offer to people from other country because the exchange rate and the parity of the currencies.. for instance, R$50 in Brazil is not much, but in my opinion for a 1h online job acceptable, but if I convert that to Euro, that would be around €11 and I don't think that's plausible for an European. And for me to be able to send this abroad, the price would be lower because there are fees and taxes =/

** My idea was more an appreciation or incentive than a payment, that's why I said I don't mind the file keeps public.

OK so you can spend 11 Euro

  1. and have a device with insufficient RAM + flash, running an outdated OpenWrt version (Chaos Calmer) that is known to be insecure now due to already existing bugs, and even more insecure in the future since nobody is maintaining this outdated OpenWrt version and nobody will be fixing future bugs.
  2. and have a new device with adequate flash + RAM (at least 8/64MB), running an up to date and secure OpenWrt version (18.06.2) which is actively maintained and will receive security and other bug fixes in the future.

Secure or insecure, waste money or spend it wisely, that's your decision.

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Thank you for your opinion, but you didn't ask my needs to understand if that is going to be fit to my environment. But just to clarify, it's a closed environment with no wlan associated to my situation. I just need to separate a lan using vlan and that's dynamic and there is a script to do that and we already have 50 routers running this test environment and we don't want to spend money on new equipment for this, we got new hardware as a donation but we can't install openwrt to keep the project. It's a very low budget research. I'm just a student with no funds to spend.

I'm sorry to disturb you with little money =/

this firmware based on 18.06.1 was not stable on the WR849N v6 (there are constant disconnections in the WIFI ...).

I am now using the WR840N v6 firmware (snapshot r8410-900005ee75 + luci - ipv6) in my router WR849n V6... posted by solalex on the forum 17041/61

Although more stable, it was very slow.

I improved the speed with:

  • Operating frequency: change N to LEGACY
  • Transmit Power: change AUTO to MAX
  • Advanced settings -> Allow legacy 802.11b rates: change ON to OFF

It is a difficult decision about an environment that can not change wireless routers (which uses 4/32 models):

  • Use the original firmware that has sporadic manufacturer updates.
  • Use an older version of Openwrt, insecure, but allows you to use iptables scripts to protect yourself by closing everything you can (to use wpa enterprise)?
  • Modify a newer version of Openwrt by removing packages that will not be used in the environment (no free space for wpa enterprise)?
  • What is the least insecure solution for using wpa enterprise?

DD-WRT and FreshTomato still provide updates for 4/32 devices ... but unfortunately this device is not supported.

Thank you so much for your help, I had seen that forum before, but I was worried of trying to upload the 840v6 into the 849v6. I think I'll give a try to that.

And our need here is not security (at this moment), it's just a test lab for networking learning, and we're in the basis yet, we will get into security soon, so it will be great to exploit them and learn in the process.

But for now, we have 50 740N/741ND and we got donated from a company some 849N we would like to add into out test environment.

We could "learn" the whole process of compiling and everything else, but there are a lot of things before we get there and we just don't want to spend effort on something that is not the target right now.

Our aim is IoT and basic networking with some protocols like VLAN that we cannot accomplish with the original firewall of the router.

In the real world of course we will not use such cheap routers, but all the knowledge we are getting now can and will be applied to a new, reliable and secure environment.

I thought I didn't need to explain my need but it seems it was necessary.

Again, thank you for point me out that firmware is okay to use on WR849N =D
Wish you good.

Hello everyone!

So guys, I just inadvertently "upgraded" my WR849N v6 to the WR849N you have in OpenWRT, ie v4, and now it has infinite restarting on boot.
Already tried all the firmware that has available and none passed the checksum of the board. So I plugged it into SPIFlash and dumped the Firmware that is there, but to record a new need for the ROM layout and if possible the original chip dump. Someone has? Or could it succeed?

Or if you have any other information, thank you

Português Brasil:
Olá a todos!

Então pessoal, acabei sem querer "atualizando" meu WR849N v6, para o WR849N que tem no OpenWRT, ou seja a v4, e agora ele está com restarting infinito no boot.
Já tentei todas as firmwares que tem disponível e nenhuma passou no checksum da placa. Então conectei ao SPIFlash e dumpei o Firmware que está lá, porém para gravar um novo preciso da layout da ROM e se possível do dump original do chip. Alguém tem? Ou poderia conseguir?

Ou se tiver alguma outra informação, agradeço

Are your patches (Nov 18) also valid for 18.06.04 ?
Or, did you experience stability issues on WiFi, when using your patches with 18.06.01 ?

Asking, because 18.06.04 might include better WiFi drivers for the MT7628.

Here are 840-v6 patches for latest openwrt, I used in custom built image, to be flashed on 849-v6 (Brazil).
But image built only works for TFTP; sysupgrade does not work/finish.
Any idea ? May be, somebody else tried already ?

Hello, hugosleep,

I'm sorry only today I reached your message.

I should say that I returned the router, got some credits at the store and ultimately bought something else, as there were more suitable options for routers in my case at that time.

Anyway, it would be a pleasure to try to compile (edit: learn to compile) a version suitable for such small devices and much probably I would do it for free if I sticked with that router (my ego would only require to give credits for the build; anyway, please forgive him as he is quite out of control...).

Hope you have had good luck with your project!