Installing OpenWrt on DWR-116: how to do jboot web recovery?

Hey guys,
I'm trying to install openwrt on d-link dwr 116 (openwrt link: )

According to the link the installation methods include jboot recovery and generic gui.

I have only used TFTP so far to install openwrt. Haven't used jboot.

I haven't found any info of how you would go about doing a "jboot web recovery".

can someone give me a basic guide? Thanks.

I believe you can use the OEM Gui to install the factory image.
Firmware OpenWrt Install URL:
jboot web recovery is probably required for recovering a bricked device

From the DWR-116 devicepage

  1. Push the reset button and turn on the power. Wait until LED start blinking (~10sec.)
  2. Upload original factory image via JBOOT http (IP:

thanks guys.

Apparently jboot is only useful for restoring stock image (you can't install openwrt via jboot). Once you have stock image installed you need to flash the openwrt using the oem firmware interface.