Installing OpenWrt on Dell VEP1485

Has anyone had any experience with installing OpenWRT on the Dell Virtual Edge Platform?
I have a Dell VEP1485 here I'd like to try installing on.

Problem is the x86 install instructions assume you have access to a local console, which the VEP series doesn't have.

My thinking is I should install on a USB stick and then boot from that and see if I can then copy the image to the device. But if anyone has done this before it might save me some time :slight_smile:


You will likely want/need a serial console connection at a minimum for any installation. Looks like the serial console port is covered up by the port cover.

There are much more powerful alternatives than OpenWrt. OpenWrt is good for what it does, keeping consumer grade routers out of landfills.

Suggest you look at open source enterprise class firewall software from Runs on almost any x86 HW